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You are reading some great hindi news content on our website InspectSpot Media and maybe interested in knowing about the Team who is write valuable articles on InspectSpot Media. Here is our awesome team.

Dharmendra Bhammu: An entrepreneur blogger and tech geek by fashionable. He founded InspectSpot hindi news Media to cater his passion of journalism and entrepreneurship. He is also known as an avid reader, technology enthusiast, explorer, and a broken lover. His passion for knowledge keeps him running all the time.

Dharmendra writes daily on InspectSpot Media and he looks after the content posted on the site & maintains the website frequently.

Nagendra Saini: Nagendra is a IT graduate and works as all-round technology news writer at He is passionate about new modalities for media and technology, and is also guest writer for Responsible for overall author hiring, editorial processes, magazine production and Web site development.

Balveer Singh: Balveer Singh is a social geek blogger and tech enthusiast from the old city of Rewari, but currently lives in Pilani, Rajasthan to share his enthusiasm with InspectSpot Media team. He loves writing about Politics, Economics and Business. His specializes the field of Internet Marketing and interested to dig deeper in the world of blogging and social media.

Ritu Saini: She is a Post-Graduate in Public Business Administration. Her deep interest in the field of social media, Fashion & Life Style pulled her towards this field. She has spent the past 1 year to playing the role of a social consultant, and has now joined as a full time blogger.

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